Dynamic Range Radio is listener-supported, just like NPR or PBS, and relies entirely on donations from people just like you to stay on the air. You won’t hear any ads in between songs on DRR, but the station needs to […]


Why Compression Sucks

Dynamic Range Radio is one of the few radio stations, internet or otherwise, that adds no dynamic range compression to its audio signal. To learn more about what this means and why I think Dynamic Range Radio offers the best […]

sound quality

What Is Eclectic Radio?

Having been a fan of eclectic radio stations for many years, I’ve found that the term “eclectic radio” can be confusing for some people. I assume most people know what the word “radio” means, so the word “eclectic” seems to […]


Hear Your Voice On The Air

I’m getting a little tired of hearing my own voice on Dynamic Range Radio, so I thought it would be fun to get listeners recording their own station IDs and sweepers. As long as you have the ability to record […]


New Music From First Aid Kit: “My Silver Lining”

First Aid Kit are back with a new single called “My Silver Lining” and I like its Nick Drake meets Neko Case sound. You can take a listen here:

“My Silver Lining” is from First Aid Kit’s upcoming album, Stay Gold, which is available for pre-order starting today. Will they be able to build on the momentum created by their breakout hit, The Lion’s Roar?

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Christina Hendricks Meets Everclear

Long before she was famous, and nearly ten years before Mad Men, Christina Hendricks was just another actress trying to make a name for herself. And, like many actresses before her, she landed a role as the requisite babe in a music video for a hot, young rock band.

The band in question was Everclear, and the video was for “One Hit Wonder” from their 1997 album So Much For The Afterglow.

Christina Hendricks Everclear

I was a big fan of Everclear at the time, but I never did like this video, or the weird remix of the song, so I haven’t seen this video in years, and I certainly had no idea Christina Hendricks had appeared in it until I read about it a few days ago. She’s changed a lot in the last fifteen years, and I never would have recognized her if I hadn’t been told who it was. She’s now known for having a quintessential 50s look, perfect for the Mad Men era, but in this video she’s pure 1990s.

Everclear – One Hit Wonder by Everclear-Official

Another AAC Beta Test

aac plus

** UPDATE** I’ve shut down the beta test because the AAC stream worked well on one machine, but when I tried to install everything on the machine where I need it to work, I ran into problems. So frustrating!

The AAC stream is on hold again while I see if I can find another machine with the specs I need to make it work, and while I decide if the expense is justified at this point.

Original post below:

Dynamic Range Radio is running another 64k AAC best test, so if you’re out and about this weekend, try listening via the TuneIn app on your mobile device to see if you like the sound.

Those of you using desktops can listen via iTunes, Winamp, VLC and whatnot by using the usual 64k links on the right.

This time around, the AAC stream is the same selection of songs as the main channel, because I finally found the right combination of software and plugins that makes that possible and seems to be working.

It sounds pretty good to me so far, so let me know what you think.

If I Picked The Oscars

Oscar Statue

2013 was the year we lost Roger Ebert, and ever since his death I’ve spent a lot of time looking at old clips of Siskel & Ebert on YouTube, reading Roger Ebert’s biography, and thinking about how much I miss the always engaging banter between Ebert and his old sparring partner, Siskel.

With the Oscar ceremony coming up this weekend, I got to thinking about Siskel & Ebert’s annual broadcasts which were unabashed attempts to influence Academy voters, first with Memo To The Academy, which tried to influence who got nominated, and If We Picked The Oscars, which tried to influence the winners.

With this year’s Oscar ceremony right around the corner, I decided to pay tribute to one of Siskel & Ebert’s annual traditions by doing my own version of If I Picked The Oscars.

Towards the end I’ll make my picks for all the major categories that matter to me, but first I’ll delve deeply into the categories I feel most strongly about, starting with:

Best Actress – Adèle Exarchopoulos, “Blue Is The Warmest Colour”


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