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Why Compression Sucks

Dynamic Range Radio is one of the few radio stations, internet or otherwise, that adds no dynamic range compression to its audio signal. To learn more about what this means and why I think Dynamic Range Radio offers the best […]

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What Is Eclectic Radio?

Having been a fan of eclectic radio stations for many years, I’ve found that the term “eclectic radio” can be confusing for some people. I assume most people know what the word “radio” means, so the word “eclectic” seems to […]


Hear Your Voice On The Air

I’m getting a little tired of hearing my own voice on Dynamic Range Radio, so I thought it would be fun to get listeners recording their own station IDs and sweepers. As long as you have the ability to record […]


Craig Ferguson: Everyone’s Favourite Late Night Douche

Craig Ferguson

It’s a sad day for America because Craig Ferguson is bidding us all adieu after his final late night show airs tonight. As much as I love Stephen Colbert, whose show also ended this week, we all know he’ll be back on the air soon, replacing David Letterman, but Craig Ferguson’s future is much more of a question mark, so the end of his tenure on the Late Late Show is much sadder to me than the end of the Colbert Report. The rumour is that Craig will probably be doing a similar show in the future on another network, and hopefully Geoff Peterson and Secretariat will be joining him, so even if this is only a temporary hiatus, Craig Ferguson going off the air will leave an hour-long void in my life every weekday.

As devastated as I am to be losing my nightly dose of CraigyFerg, the people I really feel sorry for are the beautiful young starlets of Hollywood, because who’s going to flirt with them now? Jimmy Fallon? I don’t think so. Jimmy Kimmel? Gross. Now that I think about it, I also feel sorry for young single men worldwide because watching Craig Ferguson was like a masterclass in flirting, so I expect a decline in birthrates in English-speaking countries beginning nine months from now. Compounding the problem is the fact that Craig’s female fans can no longer count on their nightly Fergasms to get them in the mood.

As a parting gift to his loyal fans, the Late Late Show has put together this great video featuring a cavalcade of Craig’s favourite guests, which serves as both a tribute to the last ten years and a sign that Craig probably won’t be silent for long.

In typical Ferguson fashion, the video features a song by a little-known Scottish band called Dead Man Fall, and it’s a damn fine tune. I could have sworn it was a long-lost Coldplay track, but I’m not going to fault Dead Man Fall for sounding so much like Coldplay since they’ve picked the right era from the band to emulate.

Best Of 2014 – Part One

Dynamic Range Radio

It’s that time of the year again, when every website, media outlet, and pundit in the known universe provides their year-end lists for the best in music, movies, books, craft beers, or whatever their topic of choice may be.

Here at Dynamic Range Radio, that would normally mean it’s time to announce the Dynammy Award nominees, which, for the past several years, have been my alternative to the Grammy Awards, whose current batch of nominees are as laughable as ever, with the possible exception of Beck’s Morning Phase being nominated for Album Of The Year.

Normally I would provide a list of 15 nominees for Best Song, enough for a mixtape, along with five nominees for Best Album and Best Sound Quality, but this year I’m doing something a bit more stripped-down, highlighting the five artists with new music in 2014 who I spent the most time listening to.

Does the fact that I couldn’t find fifteen songs worth highlighting at the end of the year mean it was a bad year for music or just a bad year for me, personally? Probably a little of both. I’ve definitely had less time to focus on Dynamic Range Radio this year, and less desire to seek out new music in general.

Still, a few things did manage to catch my ear in 2014, starting with:

Oh Susanna

Oh Susanna is the stage name of Suzie Ungerleider, a singer-songwriter who was born in Massachusetts but raised in Vancouver. As you can probably guess from her stage name, she works in the area of Americana, Alt-Country, or Modern Folk, which all mean more or less the same thing, so you can pick your favourite label and apply it as you wish. If you’re a fan of Patty Griffin, The Be Good Tanyas, or The Wailin’ Jennys, then Oh Susanna is probably right in your wheelhouse.

For this album, she teamed up with producer Jim Bryson, a member of Kathleen Edwards’ touring band, with the idea of performing songs by other Canadian songwriters she knows and respects, such as Ron Sexsmith, Joel Plaskett, and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, but what separates Namedropper from other cover albums is that none of these songs have ever been recorded before. All the songwriters in question provided these songs with this album in mind, allowing Oh Susanna to put her personal stamp on them. The end result is both fresh and familiar, and one of my favourite albums of the year.

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Halloween Broadcast Under Way

Dynamic Range Radio Halloween Broadcast

The Halloween broadcast is now up and running and will continue playing throughout the weekend. Normal programming will resume sometime Sunday night, but in the meantime the programming will focus on Halloween themed music, with Dynamic Range Radio’s usual eclectic mix of genres and moods.

And if the livestream isn’t to your liking, there’s several cloudcasts you can listen to via MixCloud, one of which is embedded on the sidebar.

Five Lesser-Known Halloween Movies

Lords Of Salem

If the weather forecast is to be believed, it’ll be raining here in Vancouver pretty much non-stop between now and Halloween, so it sounds like a perfect time to curl up at home with a cup of hot chocolate, some homemade snacks, and one of these lesser-known horror movies you may not have seen before.

For the purposes of this article, I’ve limited my picks to horror movies with less than 50,000 votes on the IMDB, which seems to be a good, objective criteria for establishing how well known a movie is with today’s consumers. Frankly, I was shocked at how some of the iconic movies of my youth weren’t passed down to the next generation of movie lovers.

#5 – The Lords Of Salem (15,796 votes)

Director Rob Zombie moved from the grindhouse to the arthouse with this incredibly stylish and surprisingly well-acted throwback to the trippy European horror films of the 60s and 70s.

Sherri-Moon Zombie, Rob’s wife, stars as Heidi, a recovering junkie who works as a DJ at a rock station in Salem, Massachusetts. When she receives a mysterious record and plays it on the air, it casts a spell over the women of Salem and opens a doorway for the return of an infamous witch who had been burned at the stake centuries before.

The soundtrack is terrific, the cinematography is often stunning, and I was particularly impressed by Jeff Daniel Phillips, a Rob Zombie look alike, who plays Heidi’s lovestruck fellow DJ. You don’t normally get characters or performances like this in a low-budget horror movie.

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